Remedies To Fight Wrinkles Under Your Eyes

Wrinkles develop when the skin begins losing elasticity or produce less collagen. It is a major problem in women. You will look older when you have wrinkles. Luckily there are various home remedies to stop or prevent wrinkles under your eye. You can apply in a small area to test if your skin around the eye is sensitive. The home remedies you can utilize in preventing are lemon juice, coconut oil, castor oil, and cucumber juice.

Lemon Juice

Fighting wrinkles is helpful. Lemon juice has vitamin C that works in lessening fine lines under eyes. The ingredients you need are two tablespoons of lemon juice and cotton balls.


Clean your eyes and wash them. Dip the cotton ball in the lemon water. Apply the lemon juice around your eyes. Do it keenly so that it cannot get into your eyes. To prevent or stop wrinkle you can do this in the morning and the evening.

Coconut Oildcfggt

Coconut oil is the best for preventing or removing wrinkles from under your eyes. If applied daily it will help reduce eye wrinkle because it is highly moisturized. All you need is a cotton ball and coconut oil.


Use the cotton ball to apply coconut oil on your eyes where you have wrinkles. You can do this once a day particularly in the night to reduce puffing and wrinkles on your eyes.

Castor Oil

It is the traditional remedy for wrinkles. The important components of the skin are elastin and collagen as they are responsible for elasticity. It assists in the production of elastin and collagen as it penetrates deep into the facial skin. Castor oil helps in the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as it keeps your skin plump and hydrated. It also has emollient qualities. It is easily absorbed through the skin, and it is the cheapest treatment among the other remedies.


The ingredients you require are cotton balls and one tea spoon of castor oil. Then dip the cotton ball into the castor oils and apply it in areas you have wrinkles. Leave it throughout the night and then clean it by utilizing lukewarm water.

Cucumber Extract

bgbhnhThis is the excellent home anti-aging remedy. It is used to keep eyes fresh and reduce puffiness. This is the simplest treatment to use.


The ingredients you need to have are one cucumber and cotton balls. Make your cucumber extract and put it into the container. Soak the cotton balls into the extract and apply it on the face and leave it for a quarter an hour to feel fresh.