Things You Need To Know About Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a ladies life. In this period one develops one or more fetus in the womb. The child grows in the womb for 38 to 40 weeks after being conceived. Conception happens when a man’s sperm fertilizes a female’s egg. Fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube. It is important to take care of yourself if you are pregnant so that you do not endanger your life and the baby’s life.

Weight And Diet During Pregnancy

Having a nutritious diet during this period is important. Taking nutritious food is essential for the development of the fetus and the expectant lady. Providing nourishment for the fetus and the mother can add you calories. But it is advisable to consume a balanced diet which includes vegetables, cereals, grains and fresh fruits that are low in sugar and high in fiber.

Do not ever diet or try to lose weight while you are pregnant even if you are overweight. You will reduce some essential nutrients to you and the baby. Weight gain during pregnancy is normal and acceptable. Average size women earn 12 to 15 kilograms when they are pregnant. But gaining too much weight puts fat in the fetus and the mother who is not easy to lose.

Issues Women Face During Pregnancy

Acidity And Heart Burn

It is normal to experience heartburns while you are pregnant; it is not a harmful thing though it may be very uncomfortable and painful. The heartburn is caused by some physical and hormonal changes. You can use some remedies like eno or antacids to treat the heartburn.

Mood Swingsfvrfgrgrd

Mood swings are normal things during pregnancy. This is caused by hormonal changes which affect neurotransmitters. Each expectant woman responds to hormonal changes in different ways. Some may feel depressed while others heightened emotions either good or bad.

Sickness Or Nausea with Or Without Vomiting

Some women may experience sickness or nausea during the early stages of pregnancy while others may not. Some women experience morning sickness with vomiting while others may experience morning sickness without vomiting.


It is another sign of being pregnant. One can feel as if she is full prior missing their period.

Food Cravings

dfgfgghIt is real and healthy for pregnant ladies to crave for some foods while putting off other kinds of foods. This may begin from an early stage of pregnancy.

If you experience anything discussed above it is normal, don’t be worried.